Aussie Online Slots with Videos – What is the Point?

Among the huge variety of staking entertainments, online video pokies in Australia have recently become popular enough to be desired by almost any gambler, who is fond of spinning machines. Video slots are made for creating more realistic atmosphere because they have special graphics features like animated symbols and specially visualized winning outcomes.

Online Video Pokies for Aussie Gamblers

Besides, these amusements are usually accompanied by a movie introduction that describes the theme of the game and its history to make customers interested and excited. After watching it there will be fewer questions about the plot that you are going to discover, so it is not just a slot entertainment, but a whole story to play through.

Paylines in Video Pokies

Doubtless, such pokies have way more advantages than usual ones. To prove that we’ll uncover for newcomers and remind experienced gamblers the greatest possibility that is available in online video slot machines.

This is the increased amount of paylines that are available to choose (sometimes there might be even 100 paylines, so 20,30 or 50 won’t be the limit for modern pokies). It means that every spin is much more powerful as it may bring you bigger profit if many paylines are attached to the bet. With this kind of staking entertainment, it is possible to increase your winnings greatly.

Bonus Features in Video Slots

Surely, that’s not all about pros of such type of betting amusement. Customers also can come across various bonus features including matching and no deposit promotions, free spins or play, encouragements for every day, week or special seasonal occasion, loyalty programs and high-roller rewards.

Actually, there are even more, as inside the game you can be surprised by a bonus play which pops up when you collect some unusual symbols. It will also give you some kind of a prize to make your staking experience more pleasant.

Random Wilds and Scatters

So to clarify how to trigger the mini reward game and get extra free offers, we should describe the functions of such signs as random wilds and scatters. Wild ones can play a role of any symbol, and it depends on which one is lacking in the winning combination.

Video Slots for Australians Online

So they are basically for completing the winning lines by pretending to be the needed symbol to increase your chances of getting the payout. Though they could be also different from one slot to another. Scatters are capable of launching random rewards the moment they appear on the screen, and some extra spins or coins can be added to your balance.

Additional Spins

Another kind of promotions is free spins which might be given to a player in different cases. They may be granted as a welcoming after signing up to the particular pokie, or as a reward for collecting necessary symbols in the row.

Multiplier and Bonus Games

Such feature as a multiplier is for increasing the prize you get after making spins. So if your combination contains X2, X3 and so on, then your earnings will be doubled, tripled or even 4-5 times more of your original profit.

Some video slots have a feature that opens a mini play inside the main game. It might be triggered by some special signs or it is supposed to happen after crossing some point in the plot. They also could be of different kinds having a big range of rewards.