Responsible Gaming

AussiePokiesHelper cares about your safeness. Being aware how powerful media and advertising content can be, we strongly recommend and insist that you should play responsibly. Online gambling is presented as a form of fun, however, for some group of people, it may become a problem.

Among the main principles of our website is to show the ways of serious and secure gambling for all concerned players. Including multiple articles connected with gambling laws in the country, special services that are aimed to help you, and more. Yet, the things can be used when you take the pastime in the right way.

Aussie Pokies Helper wants to provide the up-to-date information about current online gambling conditions in the market, yet, being sure that all the customers share the same vision of the leisure as we have. Even an innocent thing can become a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, all we want is you to recognize if something is wrong.

We do not only say how it should be, but also provide some rules to follow, tests to check your gaming health, practical tips and some more services to visit and learn more information about the possible problem.

Secure Gaming – Rules to Follow

No matter whether there is something wrong in your pastime, or not, please, check the following points to make sure you are on the right side. In case you see that the majority of points don’t match you, please, turn to the professional help.

  • Playing online casino games as your leisure, do not aim at gaining money prizes.
  • Each loss is just a charge. Each win is a bonus, not an earning.
  • Never borrow money or take bank loans for making more stakes.
  • Before starting a gameplay, set some limits in advance. These are: cash amount dedicated to deposits, which shouldn’t be changed whether you win or lose; time period assigned for the leisure; limits of the possible losses.
  • Do not ever replace your work, friends or family with gambling.
  • Retrieving the losses leads to more failures and money losses.
  • AussiePokiesHelper tries to help anyone having some problems in gambling. Within our content, you can find some useful links and educational materials helpful for you.
  • Gambling is not a cure from any type of pain or a way to forget about some problems. Instead, it can lead to more issues in the future.

Self-Protection Methods

No one but you knows best your state of mind, what exactly you want and how everything goes on. This is not about words, but your conscientiousness. Here, we present you several measures to take in order to be safe. And whether these measures are just preventive or crucial, please, check the points to get some more answers and solutions.

  • This is not about setting limits only, however, you should also take some breaks and use the tips.
  • Set fixed rates for your gameplay within a day and a month. Controlling your budget is significant.
  • Save the history in your casino account to analyze and monitor the depositing, withdrawal and other transaction activity.
  • There should be time-out periods from a day up to 6 days.
  • The self-exclusion option must be applied if necessary from 6 months.
  • Enter the profile settings and mention the loss limit, the total size of the bets and time of the gameplay, when everything should be stopped.

Professional Help Services

Except for our tips and guides, we present you some links with the professional aid. Visiting the sites presented on Our Contacts page, you can pass some tests, analyze the gaming process, check yourself with the additional questions. Please, mind that your gaming health is your priority and losing control over it might lead to serious problems.