Privacy & Cookie Policy

Online Privacy & Cookie Policy of explains our clients what information is gathered through the website, how Aussie Pokies Helper uses it, how we safeguarded and to whom we disclose some amount of data.

Aussie Pokies Helper Policy Does Some Questions

  1. What user’s items of information are gained and used?
  2. How does the site interact with third-party companies or content?
  3. What alternatives do AussiePokiesHelper customers have over their information usage?
  4. How do users change the profile details?
  5. How does AussiePokiesHelper provide information security?
  6. Where is all data kept and processed?
  7. Whom can you contact with queries or concerns?
  8. When was the document updated?

What user’s items of information are gained and used?

Aussie Pokies Helper gathers various personal and other details of our users and visitors. That’s why, the usage of our site services is indicated by us as your full consent to such collecting.

Personal Details

By “personal details” Aussie Pokies Helper means user’s full name, pointed out home address, email and more details that identify you. Our registered customers agree for storing some personal data for 6 years after our client relationship has finished.

Information Others Observe or Collect through Technology

Our company cooperates with several selected third-party companies to help us supply specific features as well as analyze our customers’ preferences. Such technologies allow us to see which of our content online players like most; to deliver up-to-date articles, researches, promotions and services; to improve our work.

Data Your Device Provides Automatically

When you access, your PC, phone, or tablet delivers some intelligence, such as your current location, gadget OS, version, a type and version of browser, identification of internet-providers, the Aussie player’s IP address, sometimes an online website from which you came and to which you navigate. Our site differs 4 types of the data we harvest:

  • Location
  • Navigational
  • Device
  • Cookies

How does interact with third-party companies or content?

For your convenience, we link players to third-party sites such as casinos and other services, as well as display their content through

What alternatives do Aussie Pokies Helper customers have over their information usage?

To remove yourself from the site email list or cut future delivery of AussiePokiesHelper email bonuses, complete the form removal or follow our instructions in each e-mail. Having joined our service, you agree to receive email offers, sometimes mobile notifications and messages, which you may also turn off.

How do users change the profile details?

We need your help to keep your profile intelligence accurate. You may update or modify your account-related data, and other account nuances and features. Log in to and edit it at any time.

How does Aussie Pokies Helper provide information security?

Our site maintains administrative along with technical secure measures to defend all information against disclosure, accidental destruction, loss, unlawful access. The full safety has never been possible, but our team implements the up-to-date security measures.

Where is all data kept and processed?

All users are involved in data processing, but our servers are based in various locations throughout the world and a number of service providers in various jurisdictions around the globe. However, we transfer data only to approved countries delivering the highest level of information protection.

Whom can you contact with queries or concerns?

Feel free to reach us by emailing us if you have any questions regarding our Privacy & Cookie Policy.

When was the document updated?

This Privacy & Cookie Policy page was last updated on January 14, 2019.

Purposes of Cookie & Individuals Data Harvesting

An amount of data stored by your browser on a device is a cookie. We see how you navigate, what you click on, remember and recognize you when you get back on AussiePokiesHelper, honor a special content for you.

This helps us deliver the services and develop them, provide better customer care, improve online experience of our customers, tailor offers to you based on your tastes and interactions history.