Paylines in Online Pokies – How to Use

If you like playing slots in Australia you probably understand the concept of such feature as a payline, and of course, every newcomer ought to be educated how to use it. This is a line which brings you rewards. It is where the sets of symbols should appear to give you some prize.

Paylines in Online Aussie Pokies

Nowadays there could be many of them in a single pokie, but the amount depends on the particular spinning machine, as they vary in types. When there are more than one available (usually at least 3) you are capable of choosing to switch on even all. The more are launched the bigger chances of getting paid. Let us start. Aussie online pokies paylines – how do they work?

Selecting Paylines

When playing online pokies Australia there is not a huge range of options for creating some strategy as it is more about luck than skills, however selecting the number of lines to include in the play can influence the outcome greatly.

So the player is able to pick all 50 (depending how many are there) at once and then wait for the hilarious and frequent winnings. However, you should consider the opportunities of your bankroll, as each stake attached to many paylines may drain your balance very quickly if no earning happens.

Number of Paylines

As gambling industry has developed very quickly since its first appearance, now we can enjoy thousands of different entertainments. Improved slots and some additional features, including the increased amount of paylines – so we can come across spinning machines with 1 to 100 ones. And thus customers have a great choice and are capable of experiencing more.


This is a well-known kind that provides gamblers with 25 lines. Each of them can bring the desired victory. Many games of this kind contain this amount, as it is not very small, but still comfortable to play.


Reel spinning amusements might offer many ways to get payouts, so every line of 50 can be the golden one, which will contain the right set of symbols. There are so many possibilities for receiving an award while trying this kind of slots.


In case players are more demanding there is a bigger amount of lines available at once. Some entertainments could contain even 100. It will result in appearing tons of possible winning outcomes.

Additional Features

While playing slots you might notice some unusual options that become visible only in particular situations. These are additional features that make the game more fun and interesting. So it is very useful to know what are they and how to trigger them because you might get cool advantages.

Wild Symbols

Among usual signs that spin in reels, sometimes few odd ones appear. So wild symbol is commonly used for helping to complete a winning combination (it becomes the one you need in the row), some of them increase payouts by multiplying the prize. Bonus items have a role as the trigger to start a special game, however, every slot could be accompanied by different kinds of wilds.

Winning Paylines in Australian Online Pokies


These are also signs that have the special purpose. You can use them for shaking bonus rewards to get payouts no matter where exactly scatters appear on the playing screen. So to get a benefit it is required to collect some of them during the game.


Another well-known type of symbols that provides some extra benefits is a multiplier. If it appears near the reward giving combination it may double or triple the profit. Thus, there are more chances to earn more in Aussie online pokies if coming across some of the additional features listed above.