Review of Extra Features in Australian Online Pokies for Aussie

Actually, each online Aussie pokie has a beauty of complexity, despite being quite simple in use. This means that the player can discover new things that are not obvious at first, but they are cool and quite helpful. Additional features can expand the gaming experience with extra functions, offers and mini games inside the slots.

These options vary depending on what kind of spinning machine is chosen for playing. As different software developers try to implement something unique and creative to be more competitive. So almost all Australian gambling amusements also are accompanied by special suggestions. And it is better to know what are Aussie online pokies with bonus features and how they work.
Aussie Pokies with Bonus Features

Bonus and Mini Games

Many online slots are enriched with the bonus or mini-games which appear only in particular situations. This may happen anytime during the game as you never know when a gift section opens. Special symbols trigger such feature, distracting you from the main entertainment by suggesting to play an extra round which will bring you additional rewards like free spins, double profit or something else lucrative.

Some of such events require skills, while others are only the matter of luck. To understand the concept, you can imagine the wheel of fortune that gives you some prize depending on where it stops. However, each mini-game can be themed and have some plot, so they are not the same in every spinning machine.


The variety of bonus symbols include such ones as multipliers. These signs can increase your earnings by a certain amount appearing with the winning combination in a row. Gamblers can come across X2, X3, X5 and so on. This kind of feature is very popular among modern spinning machines.


Wilds are the symbols which can replace any other for completing the winning set. However, they can work differently. Sticky ones are able to stay longer than just one spin, allowing to create more combinations each time. Collapsing wilds make an explosion and force other signs to fall into the right places for triggering reward. Expanded ones grow covering more paylines and make them profitable.


Scatters are also a popular feature that starts some unexpected tricks like paying out some cash or giving free spins. The cool thing about them is that they don’t have to be in one line with the winning combination, as scatters can work anywhere on the screen.

Free Spins

This kind of promotion is quite common among Australian online pokies and can be represented in different situations. It can stand alone as a separate benefit given as a welcoming or daily reward, but sometimes you are allowed to get it while playing the slots, when the bonus round appears. Getting such prize will help to prolong your gaming experience and greatly save your bankroll.